Based on CDPF mission and experience, CDPF trainings are mainly targeted at civil society institutions, although many of them have a large scope of topics and are in great demand among business institutions and individuals.  

Up till now we have conducted over 100 trainings for different organizations. Among our clients are Jinishian Memorial Foundation, World Vision, World Council of Churches Armenia Round Table Foundation, Armavir Center of Development, USA Educational Development Agency, RA Chamber of Lawyers, The British Council and many others. In general, about 900 people from more than 150 various organizations took part in CDPF trainings.

CDPF trainings cover such spheres as Organization Administration and Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Strategic Planning, Advocacy, Project Development and Implementation, Financial Sustainability, Human Resource Management, and Personal Skills.

Trainings are held both periodically as announced trainings and by order based on client’s needs and preferences.

We would be happy to learn about your preferences, as well as your training and consultation needs and opinion on our services through sending messages to , which will help us to organize our services to best meet your and your organizations needs. Further information about the trainings will be announced subsequently.

The description of current trainings provided by CDPF are presented below, and in case of any questions, please, contact by telephone +374 10 576670 or by e-mail