Project Management

General Description

This training is addressed to leaders and project responsible persons in organizations as well as individuals involved in project management, which would like to improve and develop their skills in project planning, implementation, revision, and project management in general.

As a result of the training the participants will:

  • get acquainted with the main concepts and components of project management,
  • be able to define project objectives,
  • get skills in using main tools of project management.

Training Topics and Methods

The following topics are included in the training:

  1. Project management idea and aspects 
    a. project concept and meaning in non-profit sector. Project aspects 
    b. main principles of project management 
    c. internal and external environment factors in the project 
    d. project management cycle 
    e. factors of success and failure 
    f. objective tree
  2. Project Management components 
    a. finding out needs and defining project goal 
    b. planning 
    c. time management 
    d. financial management and fundraising 
    e. team management 
    f. project monitoring and evaluation 
    g. development and presentation of reports

The training is conducted in an interactive manner, using methods of presentation, individual and group work, exercises and discussions.

Training Duration and Price

The duration of open (announced) training is 18 hours; the fee is 35300 per person (without VAT). The duration of ordered training is defined on the basis of client needs and preferences. The cost for one hour of ordered training is 12000-14000 AMD (without VAT).