Training of Trainers

General description

This training is addressed to individuals who want to become a trainer but have no or limited experience in training development, organization and implementation. This course will help you to identify main challenges and characteristics of trainer’s profession, which is a complex and vigor requiring one but at the same time interesting and stimulating.

As a result of training the participants will:

  1. get acquainted with the main ideas of creating, conducting and evaluating training program;
  2. gain basic skills in delivering a training course.

Training topics and methods

  1. The concept and necessity of the training; specific features of adult teaching
  2. Training styles
  3. Experience-based learning cycle
  4. Training methods: presentation, discussion, role-play, simulation, group work, etc.
  5. Visualization means: use of flip-charts, metacards, slide shows
  6. Trainer skills 
    a. Non-verbal skills 
    b. Verbal skills 
    c. Facilitation of group discussions 
    d. Working with small groups 
    e. Conflict management during the training 
    f. Dealing with difficult participant
  7. Training program development 
    a. Need assessment 
    b. Setting goals 
    c. Module development
  8. Training evaluation: goals and methods
  9. Organization of training process

Training duration

The duration of open (announced) training is 18 hours. The duration of ordered training is defined on the basis of client needs and preferences. The cost for one hour of ordered training is 12000-14000 AMD (without VAT).