Organizational Development Planning and Management

General Description

This training is addressed to representatives of non-profit organizations and business companies where there is an understanding of organizational development importance for effective and rational activities of organization and need for developing knowledge and skills in the area of OD planning and management.

As a result of the training the participants will:

  • get familiar to main concepts and areas of organizational development (OD),
  • be able to define the level of their organizations’ development, strengths and weaknesses,
  • acquire general knowledge on OD areas,
  • gain preliminary experience in developing some organizational policies,
  • find out the role of OD in the context of organization’s success.

Training topics and methods

The training covers the following topics:

• The concept of OD, its role in the life of the organization 
o OD concept and significance for an organization 
o Organization life cycle o Main principles of OD 
o Internal and external environment 
• OD areas 
o Governance and strategic planning 
o Operational management 
o Financial management and sustainability 
o Human and material resources 
o Projects and services 
o External relations 
• OD planning and management 
o strategic planning and management 
o human resource management 
o management system 
o communication and information system 
o organizational policies and procedures 
o project management

The training is conducted in an interactive manner, using methods of presentation, individual and group work, exercises and discussions.

Training Duration and Price

The duration of open (announced) training is 15 hours; the fee is 32600 per person (without VAT). The duration of ordered training is defined on the basis of client needs and preferences. The cost for one hour of ordered training is 12000-14000 AMD (without VAT).