CDPF has a great deal of experience in the sphere of research conducting, and thus offers its services in the relevant field. In recent year the organization carried out a number of researches in the field of project evaluation, HR management and Civil society development. We have implemented researches for such organizations as Peace Corps, Eurasia Partnership Foundation, and Square One restaurant chain.

In general, CDPF and its staff have experience in organizing, implementing and analyzing about 20 researches. We also implement both quantitative and qualitative researches, and our specialists and experts involved in this sphere have received relevant professional education and attended trainings in the field of sociology.

CDPF particularly offers the following research and analytical services:

  •  inquiry of staff opinion and revealing their needs;
  •  inquiries, interviews based on project evaluation;
  •  investigation carried out in the field of civil society;
  •  developing and functioning questionnaires;
  •  data analysis of the implemented researches;
  •  researches and analyses in other fields carried out according to demand.

While implementing a research CDPF represents a number of suggestions to more effectively meet the needs of the client organization.

In case of questions and additional information, please, contact by tel. +374 10 576670 or e-mail

Below we present our implemented researches.