The CDPF consultation services are targeted both at civil society institutions and business, state organizations.

Up till now we have implemented about 50 consultation projects for various organizations. Among our clients FORconsultation services are Armenian Apostolic Church’s Christian Educational Center, “Unison” NGO for supporting people needing special care, World Council of Churches Armenia Round Table Foundation, The RA Chamber of Advocates, the National Road Security Council and others.

CDPF consultations include the following fields: Organization Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Strategic Planning, Advocacy, Project Development and Implementation, Financial Sustainability, HR Management. Each consultation is based on the client needs, interests and preferences, and thus if there is a consultation order CDPF brings forth an offer with detailed description of consultation objectives, results and conditions.

The list of consultations is below. If you are interested in consultations on any of the presented topics or areas, please contact us and we shall discuss the consultation content to best fit with your needs and preferences, implementation format, etc. in more details.  In case of questions, please contact by tel. +374 10 576670 or by e-mail.

Organisation Registration

Development of Organisational Policies and Procedures

Strategic Planning

Establishment and Management of Board and Membership

Developing competitive project proposals

Project Management

Developing Logical Framework of the Project

Project Reporting

Developing Project Budget

Financial Management of the Project

Human Resource Management (recruitment, selection, performance appraisal, motivation, policies and procedures, etc.)

Establishment and Management of Social Enterprise

Advocacy Campaign Implementation

Working with Mass Media

Efficient Networks and Coalitions

Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects

Project Impact Assessment

Social Research Preparation and Implementation



The price per one hour of consultation 11000-15000 AMD (without VAT).