Armenia Host Country Impact Study for PC English Language Education (TEFL) Program-2008

In September-December 2008, CDPF conducted a Country Impact Study for Peace Corps aimed to document the impact of Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) on the Host Country Nationals (HCNs) with whom the Volunteers live and work. This was a pilot research and was trusted to CDPF, as a well-known service provider in Armenia.

The information on the impact of PCA was gathered by CDPF primarily through interviews with people who have lived and worked with PCV in various regions of Armenia.

CDPF has conducted translation and approbation of interview protocols, interviews with host families, counterpart teachers, school administration representatives, students and exchange program alumni worked with Volunteers, and PCVs. As a result of summary of gained information, CDPF produced an analytical report including study findings and recommendations.

Peace Corps management has highly appreciated the analytical report provided by CDPF as well as the hard work of CDPF research team in general in terms of professionalism and value of the work done. In words of Peace Corps Armenia Country Director Lee Lacy: “I am impressed with the thoroughness and quality of the report. It has been a pleasure collaborating with CDPF on this study. Thank you for your professionalism and the high quality work you provided”.

These words are deeply valued by CDPF team and inspire them for new initiatives.

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