Community Support Program-2011

Starting October 2010 CDPF is supporting implementation of USAID funded Civil Society and Local Government Support Program (CSLGSP) that is implemented by the Counterpart International Armenia.

This 4-years program was aimed to increase informed and organized civic activism at the local and national levels, accompanied by more participatory, decentralized, efficient and accountable local governance.

The project was covering 15 communities all over Armenia. CDPF was partnering Counterpart in five central regions of Armenia providing administrative and logistic support to the activities taking part in regions and ensuring proper financial administration and management for the grants implemented by local non-formal groups and local governments.

  1. Administrative and Logistic Support

CDPF was responsible for provision of administrative and logistic support to the regional activities, ensuring their proper implementation. The activities include networking assistance, technical interventions and resource support to the communities during trainings, community and town-hall meetings, situation analysis, strategic planning sessions and many more thus fostering proper implementation of activities and their quality and effectiveness.

  1. Grants Financial Administration and Management

Within the framework of this component CDPF was responsible for grants financial administration and management awarded to community active groups and local governments. In 2011 CDPF provided financial management to 16 grants awarded to 16 YCACs in the framework of Community mobilization and Volunteerism Incentive Grants and 12 Grassroots and community development grants.

The total amount of the grants administered is 8’750’000 AMD (22’900 USD).