Sociological Research Methods

General description

This training is addressed to the individuals who want to get some knowledge and skills in planning, conducting and analyzing sociological researches.

As a result of training the participants will:

  • learn how to develop a research program 
  • be introduced to the research sampling principles 
  • differentiate qualitative and quantitative methods of information collection 
  • gain knowledge and skills on questionnaires design 
  • get familiar with survey organization process 
  • gain data coding and input experience 
  • understand methods of creating charts and tables in Excel

Training topics and methods

The training covers particularly the following topics

  • Social research program development
    • Methodological part 
    • Organizational part 
  • Qualitative methods 
    • Focus group 
    • Expert interview 
    • Document analysis 
    • Observation 
    • Experiment 
  • Interview. Interviewing techniques 
  • Social survey 
  • Coding 
  • Data input through Excel 
  • Chart and table preparation in Excel

Handouts including brief content of training topics, group and individual exercises, role-playing and other methods are used.

Training duration

The duration of open training (announced by CDPF) is 15 hours. The duration of ordered training is defined on the basis of client needs and preferences. The cost for one hour of ordered training is 12000-14000 AMD (without VAT).