English for Non-Profits

General description

This training is addressed to the employees of civil society organizations who deal with the English language during their work, who have a wish to gain knowledge or refine their skills in English.

Course objective

The training will help participants to improve especially the following skills:

  • The participants will acquire knowledge on basic rules of English grammar;
  • Will expand their vocabulary;
  • Will be able to express their own ideas;
  • Will develop their oral expression skills;
  • Will be able to freely communicate

Training topics and methods

The training covers the following topics:

  • Use grammatical rules through appropriate exercises.
  • Oral speech development through general discussions with the help of Native English speakers.
  • Vocabulary enrichment

The course will be conducted in an interactive way, combining different methods of teaching (word games, discussions).

Training duration and Cost

The training duration is 2 months and the cost of participation for per person is 7500 AMD per month, which covers only the training materials and coffee breaks.

About CDPF

Civic Development and Partnership Foundation is an Intermediate Service Organization with a mission to foster further development of civil society through the advancement of institutional capacities of non-profit organizations. For this purpose, CDPF provides services in grant management, trainings, consultations and other areas.