Center applicants Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions by “My City” information-advice center applicants:

1.What is the possible way to turn to governmental and local self-government bodies for the informationand when should they get an answer?

2.  What  is the way of condominium creation and what authorizations does it have?

3. What is service fee, who must pay it and in what terms?

4. What mandatory work must the condominium do against the citizens’ payments?

5. What is the order to legalize the unsanctioned buildings situated on own, state or coommunal lands?

6. Who pays and how is the water measurement system reinstallation done?

7. What services does the technical service of in-home gas consuming system include and what can a citizen do when these services are not properly provided?

8. Who should a consumer address the demand to compensate or repair equipments damaged because of electro-supply oscillation?

9. What is the property tax, who pays and in what terms?

10. In what terms can the judicial acts/decisions, verdicts/ be protested?

11. In what bases can the employer fire  his/her employee who has signed an uncertain term  treaty?

12. What is the procedure and term for the divorce process carried out by mutual agreement of the spouses in the acts registration body of the civil plight?

13. What kind of process is set for fatherhood/paternity recognition?