Creating Effective Networks

General description

This training is addressed to the directors, employees of civil society organizations and to those individuals who  deal with the creation, organization and management of networks and coalitions during advocacy campaigns or other types of activities.

Course objectives

The training will help participants to improve especially the following skills:

  • Efficient network creation and coordination;
  • Beneficial cooperation with other institutions;
  • Decision-making and distribution of roles, internal issues solution.

Training topics and methods

The training covers the following topics:

  • Relation establishment, partner selection, membership criteria, network models;
  • Relations organization,  goals and objectives definition, development of working plan and secretariat duties ;
  • Formalization of official relations, network management, vision and mission, role of members, network structure ;
  • Vital stages of formal networks.

 The course will be conducted in an interactive way, combining different methods of teaching (brainstorming, presentation, discussions).

 Training duration

The open (announced by CDPF) training duration is 10 hours and the cost of participation for per person is 23500 drams (without VAT). The cost includes the materials, coffee and lunch breaks. A discount of 10% will be given to each subsequent participant from the same organization.

The duration of ordered training is defined according to client needs and preferences.  The cost for one hour ordered training is 12000-14000 AMD (without VAT).

About CDPF

Civic Development and Partnership Foundation is an Intermediate Service Organization with a mission to foster further development of civil society through the advancement of institutional capacities of non-profit organizations. For this purpose, CDPF provides services in grant management, trainings, consultations and other areas.