Advocacy Advanced Training

General Description

The training is designed for the NGOs heads and staff who want to develop their knowledge and skills in planning and implementation of advocacy campaign.

As a result of the training the participants will:

• obtain new experience in the field of implementation of advocacy campaigns;
• learn the principles of proper planning of advocacy campaign steps;
• develop personal skills in development and presentation of advocacy messages;
• obtain knowledge about lobbing implementation, as well as working with mass media;
• identify effective coalition features.

Training topics and methods

The training covers the following topics:

• presentation of the main advocacy ideas/definitions;
• main advocacy concepts; 
• advocacy related concepts: 
o information, education and communication;
o public relations; o community mobilization; 
o advocacy 
• planning for advocacy campaign steps;
• collecting information and issue identification;
• tools for issue clarification;
• setting final and intermediate goals:
 o political goals;
 o process goals; 
 o goals related civil society;
• defining target groups; 
• developing power map; 
• analysis of pro and con sides; 
o primary target audience; 
o secondary target audience; 
• development and presentation of the speech; 
• coalition formation; 
• lobbing.

The training is held on interactive bases with combination of various teaching methods – brainstorming, presentation, debates, role playing.

Training duration

The training lasts for 12 hours.